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5 in 1 Canvas Painting - Starter Kit

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Ever dreamed of trying your hand at art but worried about expensive supplies and daunting complexity? Look no further than the "Park Your Creativity" Compact Stencil Starter Kit! This budget-friendly bundle is your passport to artistic exploration, perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike.

For just Rs.500, you'll get everything you need to create stunning artwork:

    • A sturdy 6x8" canvas: The perfect size for quick projects and personalized décor.
    • 16 diverse stencils: Explore geometric patterns, florals, lettering, and more to find your own unique style.
    • High-quality brush: Achieve smooth strokes and precise application for any technique.
    • Multi-purpose foam applicator: Add texture, blend colors, and create depth for captivating effects.
    • Vibrant acrylic paint set: 6 essential colors (may vary) let you mix and match to bring your vision to life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
M Abdullah

Best quality

Amna Tahir
MashAllah very Beautiful Kit

My daughter is very pleased to get her gift, as she is fond of painting and your stencil with that kit have made it easy for her to paint with perfection.
God Bless you

Noor ul Ain
I Can't Believe the Quality for the Price!

This kit was perfect for me as a complete beginner. I had never tried painting before, but the stencils made it so easy to create a beautiful piece of art. I'm so proud of how my first painting turned out, and I can't wait to try more designs in the future.

Your love for our stencils warms our hearts! We're inspired to keep creating quality stencils for you. Thank you for your Love :)